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James Dent Walker, District of Columbia Chapter

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS)

Stephanie Mills Trice

Stephanie became a member of AAHGS James Dent Walker Chapter in 2004 and was appointed  AAHGS National Treasurer in 2008 and Financial Committee Board member under the leadership of Khadijah Matin, Charles Howard and Tamela Tennpenny-Lewis through 2013. 

Stephanie contributed a family story of her great grandparents, entitled Alfred J. and Hester Ann Harris in the booklet “Everyday Achievement: family stories of AAHGS James Dent Walker chapter members” © 2009. Additional written articles to the AAHGS News: Heritage Quilt Honors Ancestors (January/February 2013); Down I95 South to Dig Deeper in Virginia (Part II of III) (September/October 2014) and The Ancestors Are Calling Our Names (March/April 2015).​


James Dent Walker was married to Barbara Dodson Walker. Mrs. Walker and her family are still active members of AAHGS. She has been named a "HistoryMaker" in 2004.  Read more about Barbara here:  http://www.thehistorymakers.com/biography/barbara-dodson-walker-38