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DNA(DeoxyriboNucleic Acid)contains all the necessary information to maintain and build an organism.  It serves as the primary unit of heredity in organisms of all types.  The transmission of all or part of an organism's DNA helps ensure a certain level of continuity from one generation to the next.  DNA determines physical (eye color, height, etc.) and genetic ( Sickle Cell, Parkinson's Disease, etc.) traits.

Ancestry DNA 

Uncover your ethnic mix, discover distant relatives, and find new details about your unique family history​.


DNA Genetic Testing and Analysis 

Family Tree DNA 

Genetic Testing for Ancestry, Family History 

Our Black Ancestry African American Genealogy DNA
The OBA DNA System enables you to make connections with people who share your DNA by entering the surname related to your DNA test, information about your test parameters, and a link to your family tree. http://www.ourblackancestry.com/dna/

Gedmatch is a free non-profit utility website with a subscription add-on called Tier 1. DNA testers can upload DNA test results from AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe to compare with a large existing database of test results.

African DNA LLC


This is the only company that traces your ancestry back to a specific present day African country of origin.

African DNA


​This is the only genetics testing company specializing in tracing African American ancestry that can reveal your percentages of African, European and Native American ancestral origins.  This company was founded by Dr. Henry Louis Gates.

Blogs and Podcasts


Host:  Angela Y. Walton-Raji

​Podcasts contain suggestions, research strategies and books of persons researching African American family history.


Host: Bernice Bennett

Research at the National Archives and Beyond!

Every Thursday, 9:00 PM EST

​Bernice interviews experts who share resources, stories and answer genealogy questions.


Blogger Robyn Smith shares discoveries, approaches and tools to further research and identify useful resources, repositories, websites and discuss challenges of slavery and slavery research.


Features family history research and family reunion topics.


Blog for genealogy.com.  This website assists in finding genealogical research that was originally posted on the GenForum website.  This website also posts the most popular genealogy articles.


Learn about creative techniques Melvin Collier used to uncover family records.


​The Genealogy Guys, hosted by Drew and George, is the longest running regularly produced podcast that discusses a variety of topics.






Website devoted to African American genealogy and research.​​

African-Native Americans


Examines the history of Oklahoma Freedmen and blended families with African and Native American histories.                                                                                                                                                          

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center


Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana the genealogy center has one of the largest research collections available, incorporating records from around the world.



 The world's largest online resource for family history.  


Christine's Genealogy Website


​Comprehensive website that includes African American genealogy resources, websites, blog and forum.

Historical Newspapers


Data base of available historic newspapers from 1836-1922.

Cyndi's List


​A comprehensive categorized and cross referenced list of links that provides generalized research sites on line.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)


Library is a specialized collection of American genealogical and historical manuscripts and publications and powerful onsite data bases.

District of Columbia Archives

The District of Columbia Archives holds historical and permanently valuable records of the DC Government such as birth and death records, wills, land records and marriage records.

Family Search


Website provides free access to its collection of records, resources and services designed to help people learn more about their family history.

Fold 3


Data base of documents, images and other materials covering military history. 

Free African Americans


Family history of 500 African American families who were free during the colonial period.

Freedmens Bureau Online


Online transcriptions of the records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands.

Genealogy Books, CDs and Family History


Leading publisher of books and CDs' on genealogy and family history.

Historical Society of Washington, DC


Community supported educational and research organization that collects, interprets and shares the history of the nation's capitol.Documents the city's physical landscape as well as the families, organizations, businesses, neighborhoods, religious institutions and other communities that comprise Washington, DC.

Library of Congress


Largest research library in the United States.  Holdings include various ethnic histories, genealogy, rare book collection and newspapers spanning the past three centuries.

Lowcountry Africana


Rediscover names and lives of slaves, free persons and their descendants in the rice growing areas of South Carolina, Georgia and extreme northeastern Florida.

Martin Luther King Memorial Library

Washingtoniana Division


​Library has a wealth of resources to assist in researching family history.  The Washingtoniana Division is dedicated to preserving the history of Washington, DC.  One can research people, neighborhoods and events in the division's extensive vertical file of newspaper clippings.

Moorland Spingarn Research Center at Howard University


​One of the world's largest and most comprehensive repositories for the documentation of the history and cultures of people of African descent in Africa, Americas and other parts of the world.

National Archives and Records Administration(NARA)


Preserves and documents government and historical records.

Patriots of Color Data Base


Search engine that can be used to quickly locate specific patriots.

Transatlantic Slave Trade Data Base


Provides information on specific voyages and identifies Africans taken from captured slave ships​.

Virginia Historical Society


Documents that help tell the stories of African Americans who have lived in the state over the centuries.

Library of Virginia Digital Collection


​Library of Virginia's digital collection that reflects the diverse history of the commonwealth and its people.


James Dent Walker, District of Columbia Chapter

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS)

Genealogy Blogs, Podcasts and Websites