James Dent Walker, District of Columbia Chapter

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc. (AAHGS)

​Who was James Dent Walker?     

James Dent Walker  was the founder and a president of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society (National),   He was also the founder, in 1977, and a president of the District of Columbia Genealogical Society. 

Jimmy, as he was known,  was employed for thirty years at the National Archives and Records Administration. During that time he served as a genealogist, research consultant, Supervisor of Military Records, Director of Local History and Genealogical Programs, and Assistant Director of the Institute of Genealogical Research at American University. He was particularly noted for his knowledge of military and pension records covering the period of the Revolutionary War through the Civil War. He exhibited an outstanding ability to uncover sources important to persons of African American descent engaged in researching their family lineage. 

In 1999, Jimmy was elected to the National Genealogical Hall of Fame.  You can read more about him and the award here.

Patricia Hallman, faithful member of the James Dent Walker District of Columbia Chapter of AAHGS since 2000, joined our ANCESTORS on November 5, 2015. Patricia Hallman co-founded the AAHGS Montgomery County MD Chapter in 2013 and served as the Chapter President. A native of Washington, DC with maternal roots in Anacostia, DC and Charles County, MD; and paternal roots in Montgomery County, MD. In 2012, she wrote a historical book about the “Capital View Section of Washington, D.C.”

E. Patricia Hallman. MOCO MD Chapter President; Nathania Branch-Miles, Nat’l Chapter Committee Chair; 
Tamela Tenpenny-Lewis, Nat’l President; & Gene Stephenson, Nat’l VP-History/Nat’l Chapter Committee

The Montgomery County Maryland Chapter (MOCO) published the "MOCO MD AAHGS Newsletter." Pat always included a Message from the President.
Check out the MOCO MD website to read the chapter newsletters.  http://moctymd.aahgs.org

AAHGS remembers E. Patricia Hallman

The services celebrating Pat’s life were held at the Church of the Nativity, 6001 13th Street NW in the District of Columbia on Wednesday, November 18, 2015. Several AAHGS members from the Washington, DC Metro area attended her home going services: Alice Harris, Jane Taylor Thomas, Sybil Templeman Williams, Carolyn Rowe, Nathania Branch Miles, Charles Howard, Jacqueline Tillman-Lewis, Frank Jenkins, Chiquita Sorrels, Linda White, Beverly Gray, Stephanie Trice, and Patsy Fletcher.
Alice Harris, President Central MD delivered the Letter of Resolution from National AAHGS and Chiquita Sorrels, VP Montgomery County MD delivered the Letter of Resolution from the MOCO MD chapter. Both ladies presented copies to the family of E. Patricia Hallman.

The AAHGS James Dent Walker DC Chapter lost a valuable member, however, she will be remembered fondly for all time.

IN MEMORIAM - Gone but not Forgotten